Shiny Sensation’s Golden Sunset

Adyra 9 months


geboortedatum 04-12-2011

Adyra is a very pretty girl who really doesn’t like showing, especially not in building with all those hairy, big dog’s who don’t belong to the sighthoundgroup.

She did very well in puppy and youthclass but we didn’t show her a lot because we don’t want to torture her. Her brother and sister did very well at the exhibitions (Ch. Shiny Sensation’s Dawning Sun & Ch. Shiny Sensation’s Sunshine)

End of 2013 Adyra had her first litter, from this litter a few puppies will be shown in the UK & Germany. In the future will have an other litter out of her for sure, breeding plans will be on our litters page.


Mainwhile Adyra will have fun at the coursings, she is not the quickest, but she enjoys it for 200%

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Pedigree of Shiny Sensation’s Golden Sunset
Shiny Sensation’s Golden Sunset Boxing Helena’s Imenitni Dancing Monday of Double Star Nevedith Eefa Empra
Boxing Helena’s August Eve
Vague à l’Âme du Chawia Tendre Regard du Chawia
Boxing Helena’s August Dawn
Supeta’s Billie Jean Supeta’s Loverbug Khabaray Single Malt at Dumbriton
Supeta’s Caughtcha Wishin
Supeta’s Wish Upon A Star Fawnbree Special Brew at Dumbriton
Chiming Bells at Courthill
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