Shiny Sensation’s Laura Pausini *



d.o.b. 02-03-2014

Rose will be a new story, a story for the future, although she won several times in baby & puppyclass a lot can happen before they are fully grown…..

Pedigree of Shiny Sensation’s Laura Pausini
Shiny Sensation’s Laura Pausini Boxing Helena’s Kon Ardore Rivarco Thunderbird Adagio Love Supreme
Rivarco Arwen
Boxing Helena’s Hilo Sunset Boxing Helena’s Epos Ena
Balmy Limonite Dominija
Shiny Sensation’s Mary Poppins Shiny Sensation’s First Challenge Boxing Helena’s Epos Pente
Supeta’s Billie Jean
Pararrayos Kayla Kayleigh Binkie van de Spaarne Meute
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