Multi Champion Shiny Sensation’s First Sensation










Shanty is a very nice girl, nice shape, good size.

In character she is like her mother, a little shy to strangers, but affectionately to people she knows.

Shanty on the move







The Start/History

bart 001Out of the First Shiny Sensation’s litter we decided to keep two puppies, Shiny Sensation’s First Sensation (Shanty) and Shiny Sensation’s First Challenge (Shadow). And this is how Shanty looked when we picked her as pick of the litter.

Luckily Bart Scheerens, owner and breeder of the father Boxing Helena’s Epos Pente (Jamie) helped us with picking out the two best puppies, because it was very difficult

shanty jong

Shanty and Shadow were supposed to be shown for the First time at the Whippet Club Champion show in puppy class.

Fiona Mycroft, daughter of Susan Mycroft the breeder of Billie came over out of the UK especially to show Shanty and her brother Shadow. Shanty became 3rd Very Promising in Puppy Class, not a bad beginning.

Shanty - 1 year old
Shanty – 1 year old
Int. Amsterdam Winner Show 2009
Int. Amsterdam Winner Show 2009
Int. Amsterdam Winner Show 2009
Int. Amsterdam Winner Show 2009







IMG_6628MarIn Youth class Shanty achieved very good results, almost every time First or second place with an Excellent qualification. She also gained a couple of Res. CAC’s and Youth CAC’s.
Best result in youth class was winning the Youth title at the Amsterdam Winner Show 2009, Jeugdwinster 2009!
Int. Amsterdam Winner Show 2009
WE WONN!!!! Jeugdwinster 2009!!! (Youth Winner 2009)

Margreet is really very happy,
Shanty ….. is absolutely not impressed!!!


Shanty after winning the CAC at Le Championat


Click at the link below to see the pedigree with pictures of parents and grandparents at the site of The Whippet Archives.

Pedigree of Shiny Sensation’s First Sensation
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Supeta’s Wish Upon A Star

Fawnbree Special Brew at Dumbriton Chiming Bells at Courthill This pedigree was generated by