Pararayos Kaylah Kayleigh – nog vertalen


D.O.B. 08-10-2002

f. Binkie van de Spaarne Meute


Kayla was the first Whippet to come in to our house. She walked into our shop to meet the Dobermanns and she never went away. She settled in so easy and strong, she belonged at our house
Kayla is a Whippet with a personality problem, sometimes she thinks she is a Whippet, cuddling, quiet in the house and very quick and active outdoors. Sometimes she thinks she is a Dobermann, growing up with Solo the Dobermann she plays like a Dobermann, wild, rough and very loudly!

Although Kayla is coursing once and a while for fun, she is retired.
(Supeta’s Billie Jean en Dobermann Vonklebong Solo Surprise)
Kayla in the snow with Solo & Billie
Kayla’s favorit waist of time, Coursing
Quiet and cuddling in the house….
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Pedigree Kayla