Champshow Dutch Whippetclub

At the 14th of Februar at the annual Champshow of the Dutch Whippetclub Naughty (Shiny Sensation’s Hope and Dreams) was our little star, winning Minor Puppy Dog judged by Mr. Louis Dehaes (B) and winning BOB puppy judged by Mrs. Ciska van der Toorn (NL).

The other dogs also performed very well. Devil (Shiny Sensation’s Smooth Mr. Fox) got 2e in intermediate, Santo (Boxing Helena’s Kon Ardore) got 2e in Championsclass and Lieve (Shiny Sensation’s Fantastic Smooth) got 3e in Breedersclass.

pictures by Michelle Wybou

IMG_9335-BOB BOS Baby Whippet

Mr. Naughty…BOB Minor Puppy

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