Slovenia, Ljubljana Januari 16 & 17

Shiny Sensation’s Foxtastic Smooth (Lilly)
Shiny Sensation’s Smooth mr. Fox (Devil)

Ljubljana, almost every year one of the favorite trips to a dogshow, wonderfull country, very nice people and good company to travel with, very good friend and mentor Bart Scheerens (Boxing Helena’s Whippets)


The Show started with a change of judges…yes what can you say, traveling for 1100 km’s for a judge that is living almost around the corner 🙂 .

The results for the weekend, Santo ( multi ch. Boxing Helena’s Kon Ardore) 1x CAC, 2x res. CAC  and res CACIB. Devil, (Shiny Sensation’s Smooth Mr Fox) CAC/CACIB/BOS, Lilly (Shiny Sensation’s Foxtastic Smooth) 2x res CAC en 1 x CAC

A fantastic weekend, seen lots of old friends, made some new friends and had a lot of fun. Wonderfull trip through a changing landscape, at the way up, no snow at all, at the way back 30 till 50 cm of snow in Austria and the South of Germany……lovely sights!


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